Epoxy Flooring

Here are StopGaps, we’re proud of all of services that we offer to our clients, but it’s hard to get recognition for joint sealing when the work itself is so small and detailed and doesn’t jump out at you. The same applies to our waterproofing. We do the work and then it gets covered up by tiles, or if external, gravel and dirt. It’s all functional and aesthetic but nothing jumps out at you quite like an epoxy floor that we do.

Seamless epoxy floors are hygienic, hard wearing, easy to clean and depending on your style of finish, non slip.  The styles and finishes we offer are endless. From a solid colour across the rainbow, to metallic, to flake which again opens up a whole new world of different colours, styles and contrasts. Your imagination is the limit.

Our process is simple and we manage every step of the way for you, so you know how long it will take, what process happens next and when you can use the surface. Managing expectations is what we love to do with our clients.

Call us today to discuss your next project. It could be your garage, laundry, main living area, outdoor living area, garden path, bathroom. You name it. And with our qualified, experienced applicators, you’ll be confidently guided through our process from zero to hero.