Joint sealingor caulking – is a necessary part of any construction project.

During the construction process, joints and other openings are sealed with specific sealants that are designed to repel fire, noise, insects, air and water. This not only helps maintain the structure and protect against rain damage but also improves the environmental friendliness of your building.

Many different types of surfaces need sealing. Bathrooms, skirting boards, laundries, driveways, windows and balconies are common household areas that require the attention of quality silicone, acrylic or polyurethane sealants.

Expansion joints, external cladding, block work, tilt up and pre-cast concrete structures also need sealing by knowledgeable professionals to ensure longevity and stability for commercial and industrial structures.

Applying the wrong materials incorrectly causes 90 percent of all joint failure problems, so it’s important to choose an experienced team to seal gaps and joints from external elements that cause damage and decay.

Brisbane, Qld Sealing

Brisbane is in south-east Queensland and it has over two million residents in the Brisbane Metropolitan area. Stop Gaps is conveniently located in Brisbane, Queensland within 5km of the city. We are a literally five minutes drive from the heart of downtown Brisbane. Brisbane residents are well aware that when they need a sealing for their business, Stop Gaps are the guys to to talk to first. Our amazingly skilled joint sealers are respected for building the most workable relationships with their Brisbane clients. We have an incredible knack for sealing and we will put together a quote to see fit for your sealing needs. Stop Gaps supports it’s Brisbane clients by turning their sealing into works of art. We believe your sealing work should last you years and we expect quality from ourselves. We like to say that we deliver legendary services. Once you’ve worked with us, you be readily passing along our name to all your friends and colleagues.

Brisbane Sealing

Stop Gaps provides the very best service, ensuring that our clients not only stay with us, but refers us to their families, friends and business associates to us,. Once our customer’s sealing is finished, they know they can rely on us to provide them with a warranty, ongoing support and service. You can look forward to Stop Gaps pursuing all avenues to make your sealing looks great. With more than fifteen years of experience in the sealing industry, you can count on Stop Gaps to do great, quality sealing work.

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