Epoxy, protective coatings


Whether it’s your garage floor, outdoor area, driveway, office space, entire house, industrial space or just your kitchen bench top, we have a beautiful, unique, and hard wearing surface coating for you.

Types of coatings we offer:

  • Ultra flake
  • Hyper flake (polished concrete look )
  • Single colour tints
  • Metallic effect
  • Glitter
  • Polished concrete
  • High impact industrial coatings (matrix flooring)
  • Non slip coatings

Our services include, entire floor preparation, cut and coat and rejuvenation of existing floors.


Epoxy floors give a smooth, professional appearance and are really easy to clean. In comparison hardwood floors need special floor cleaners but epoxy floors can handle all types of cleaning solutions. If you spill something onto an epoxy floor its quick and easy to clean.


Epoxy floor coatings are super durable. That’s why industrial buildings and factories prefer epoxy coatings. It’s built to  withstand the wear and tear of heavy machinery.


Epoxy floors are highly resistant to just about everything – oil, petrol, diesel, bleach, cleansers and more. Besides withstanding chemical spills, epoxy floor coatings are also heatproof and waterproof. It’s also resistant to bacteria and germs, which makes them very easy to sanitize. 


When epoxy is properly installed, it can last for several decades without any peeling or cracking. This is another reason industrial and commercial settings prefer to use epoxy floors.


Concrete floors are extremely porous, soaking in any liquids you spill on it. Epoxy, however, forms a protective barrier against moisture, grease, cracks and stains. Unlike other flooring such as carpet or tile and grout which can be much more vulnerable to any kinds of spills.


Expoxy is available in a variety of different colors and can also be arranged into different designs and patterns. It’s an affordable way to spruce up plain concrete, and adds a nice ambiance to your home or work space.

Metallic Floor Epoxy

If you want a premium look to your space talk to us about our metallic floor epoxy coatings. This type of finish appears to “gild” a simple concrete floor, making it appear three-dimensional. It’s a perfect solution of indoors in either a commercial or residential application.

Easy, Peace of Mind Application.

Our process is simple and we manage every step of the way for you, so you know how long it will take, what process happens next and when you can use the surface. Managing expectations is what we love to do with our clients.

Call us today to discuss your next project. It could be your garage, laundry, main living area, outdoor living area, garden path, bathroom. You name it. And with our qualified, experienced applicators, you’ll be confidently guided through our process from zero to hero.

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