Joint Sealing


The backbone of StopGaps and where it all started. We have been joint sealing since 2006 and have a reputation throughout the industry for our sharp lines, clean finishes and transforming a beautiful house into an amazing house by tightening up the rooms. How do we do this? Read on…

So what is joint sealing and why do I need it?

Caulking, mastic, gapping, sealing, Sika sealing… Everyone has a different word for the same process of filling a gap or joint between 2 substrates with a flexible sealant to provide a functional task of keeping foreign objects out of the gap or joints whilst being nearly invisible to the eye. Examples are the silicone joints in the corner of your shower walls. The 2 walls move Independently and so grout isn’t an option but instead a flexible sealant is used to keep the water out of the joint and match the grout or the tiles so it blends in to the area applied. Skirting boards in your house are the same. Generally there a gap between the skirting board and the flooring, whether it’s timber, tiles or vinyl or epoxy the gap alllows for dust and draughts to cool or let aircon escape your house. By sealing these joints around your house, you not only tighten the room up by removing the gaps, but also create a more sustainable home by not allowing the aircon or heating to escape through these joints.

Pavements and driveways have joint sealing between certain slabs to allow the slabs to expand and contract in the heat and the cold without cracking. By applying sealant to these joints, we stop stones wedging themselves in the joint to inhibit the expansion and contraction process.

Services offered:

  • Wet area sealing of bathrooms, laundries, kitchens
  • Living areas such as skirting to tiles or timber and balcony perimeters
  • Driveway and carpark concrete saw cuts
  • Tilt panel and precast panel sealing
  • Pavement and roads
  • Any gap that requires a flexible filler, we can help.

The products we use have been tried and tested by ourselves and our manufacturers for many years. We only work with products we would use on our own property’s because we treat your project like it were our own.

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