Thermal Imaging 


Thermal imaging leak detection

Suspect you have a leak at your property but can’t determine exactly where it is or where it’s coming from? Thermal leak detection is a non invasive method of detecting microscopic temperature differences on and just beneath surfaces. Using a thermal camera takes out the guesswork of where a leak may be and as a result can save thousands of dollars in remedial construction work as we can determine where the leak is coming from and or leaking to.

Our ICT qualified thermographer who has trained to detect an array of different leaks through our industry using the Flir E6 thermal camera.

Don’t have a leak as such but your energy bills are soaring and don’t know why? Our thermal leak detection can identify which walls or ceilings in your house are not insulated or where air is escaping out of cracks in window or door seals. These non invasive tests can help identify the leaks and we can advise on how to remediate the issue to make your property more efficient and lower your power bills.

Services offered include:

  • Leaking showers, baths etc
  • Broken pipes within walls
  • Missing insulation in walls and ceilings
  • Gaps in skirting boards, windows and doors
  • Overheated breakers in electrical cabinets

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